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Can MyExpensesOnline validate expense claims for us?

Our Receipt Validation provides you with the total solution to receipt scanning, attaching and validation.

All receipts are scanned and attached on your behalf, with full validation on the claimed amounts and VAT calculations, ensuring that they correlate to the provided receipt.

Claim Envelopes

We provide pre-printed and pre-paid envelopes that are used to send the receipts to us for scanning, attaching and validating.

Each envelope is:

  • Printed postal address for Point Progress receipt processing.

  • Contains a section to write the expense claim number, and email address.

The envelopes will be provided for distribution to your claimant users. Additional envelopes are provided whenever they are needed, as we monitor the number of envelopes received and automatically send more when stocks run low, or you can order additional envelopes whenever you need.

Create a MyExpenses Claim

The claimant enters their claim into MyExpenses in the normal way, with the unique claim number being provided by the software as part of this process.

As part of the submission of the claim the user will be prompted to place their receipts into an envelope, and to write the claim number and email into the appropriate boxes. Alternatively a detailed page can be printed and be included to protect privacy

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